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Rebuilding for the future Based Manchester, EL-Badri Architecture & Urban Planning Ltd is a growing organisation that works towards the promotion of better community opportunities and improved standards of living. We do this by providing assistance to social sector organisations for the smooth implementation of their housing projects. We are alive to the rapidly changing trends of the industry and provide customised solutions, keeping in view the individual needs of every client across the nation.

Esam El-Badri The Director of El-Badri Architecture & Urban Planning has a bachelor’s degree of Science in Architecture (Design)with courses that centred on industrial design, sociology, architecture, town planning, engineering, and animation software design, also he has completed an internship to gain hands-on experience in this field and possess strong analytical and visual theoretical skills with the ability to visualize the result.

We can conduct studies and assessments to use in the writing and development of urban design. My experience includes using computer databases, geographic information systems along with complicated design software and programs.

We understand environmental regulations along with zoning and building codes. We have the experience and knowledge to consider every aspect of the project in the design that includes geography, size, and the purpose it will serve. We can monitor design projects and to respond quickly when problems arise by making the necessary changes to get things back on track.

El-Badri Architecture & Urban Planning have strong verbal and writing skills with the ability to work with other professionals in the field such as developers and public officials. We can offer expert advice on urban design and help educate others, including the public, on community projects and the impact they can have on the future of the city.

Experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the sports industry. Skilled in Sales, Construction, Workshops, Infrastructure, and Strategy. Strong media and communication professional.
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Our Perspective to Architecture

We like Creative architecture and minds we design with Unique Approach. At El-Badri Architecture & Urban Planning Ltd we design, and believe that well considered simple Approach can make beautiful buildings emerge and less money is spent and are more carbon Neutral. Composing natural materials to create spaces that are enjoyable to live in. Creating modern architecture, whilst impacting on fine contemporary architecture.